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Old Parts, New Beginning

It's time for a throwback, lets take some old parts and give them a new beginning! We went all over the place shooting live versions of every song for my first EP:

1. Vitamin D

We shot this one in Florida near Melbourne, when this song was first recorded I hadn't even started playing saxophone yet, so I got to reimagine the ending with my Alto.

An ode to the beautiful sun, and how good it feels to get some Vitamin D ☀️

2. Headlights

This originally started as a Nigel & The Dropout song. The lyrics are all about struggling with instrusive anxious thoughts, and we designed the flashing lights for this performance to make you feel overwhelmed + mimic the imagery of staring down headlights in the road.

We also put together an official music video for this song, just be warned it's a bit dark.

3. Old Parts New Beginning

I used to rent a practice space in a recycling center in Detroit, and in between practice we would go into the recycling area and go through the piles of of old CRT screens and TV's. One day we got inspired to hollow one out and turn it into a helmet and it evolved into this music video.

Keep in mind, you can't see anything while you're wearing this thing 😂 this video tells a fun story of a love machine overcoming heartbreak by 'installing' some new experiences.

4. Potential

Another youtube-exclusive live version of this song. We got my drummer Dan from Dabs and Drums out into the woods and grab some big batteries to power my lightshow out in the middle of the forest.

It was awesome until the bugs started showing up...

5. Time's Teeth

I put together some projection art for this dark song about existential dread + set up a full on lightshow in a super nasty basement full of spiders (weirdly fitting for this vibe).

Please be warned, it is very strobe-y

6. Old Parts, New Beginning (Bob Lemon Remix)

My drummer Dan brought over a green screen and a bunch of McDonalds, and we just leaned all the way into the weirdness 😂 Bob Lemon randomly sent me this remix one day and basically became part of the band. Let's blast off 🚀

Thanks for jamming!!!

- The Dropout

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