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Sick Boy

The Dropout

I always told myself I would peak at 28 years old.

I wanted to save my money, work on my fitness, and at 28 years old I would have it all. I would be established enough in music to travel full-time, I would have money to work less, I would have new experiences, find love, etc.

Instead, at 28 years old I was fighting for my life.

My whole life I had no idea that I had a rare, and undiagnosed auto-immune disorder. When COVID hit in 2020 I was one of the first few people in the USA to catch it. The virus triggered my immune system to start attacking my nervous system.

After a few months of pure hell, I was left with about 60,000$ in hospital debt, and told I had to spend the next 12 months in bed, unable to work, or really do anything. "Shit", I thought to myself. "What about all my plans?"

Looking back, that disease is one of the greatest gifts I've ever been given. It taught in the rawest way: humility is the price of happiness.

My ego believed it could shape its own destiny, so mother nature held my tiny little plans down, and ripped them from me. In hindsight, I was being lifted of a burden.

When your worst fears become real, fear loses all its power.

I can say I've found a routine that allows me to manage my symptoms, pay back my debts, and even play shows again. I got a second chance that most don't, and with it I've been given an infinite source of gratitude.

Thanks for being here, and sharing this journey with me ❤️ it means the world

- The Dropout

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