So This One Time...
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So This One Time...

I've played alot of epic shows...

But these are easily the greatest ones, I am blessed to be surrounded by some absolutely reckless beautiful humans.


(This was definetally really dangerous, do not try this at home)

I also shouldn't tell you this but... I was also tripping on 3 tabs this night 😂😂 this night was the stuff of legends.

Unless I get to headline Electric Forest one day, I will assume this was the moment my life peaked. We bought fireworks and handed them out to a crowd that lit them all off at the climax of our live set in front of thousands of people.

The Struggle Bus

(I apologize for the terrible audio in this video, I am learning this whole video thing I promise 🥹 but the story is still epic!)

We took over an entire music festival and inspired a generation of other bus-owners to show up to Electric Forest the following years to bring their own stages.

It was a crazy product of fate, and the crew has really taken this thing all the way, you can see what they're up to now at The Struggle Bus.


(Again, sorry for the terrible audio lol)

We brought a shipping container to a party and completely transformed it into a beautiful stage covered in plants!! I wish we had gotten more proper video footage of this thing, it was massive and required a whole team of us working together.

I still have the confetti cannon, most venues are not onboard unfortunately (we've found out the hard way 😂)

Thanks for listening to my stories, hopefully there are many more to come. I hope you get to catch us live one day, be sure to follow us/subscribe to our email list to make sure you hear about shows!!

- The Dropout

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